Listrik Steamer Frother Susu Lemes Frother

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Item specifics:
  • Certification: CE, GS, RoHS, CB
  • Model Number: DM015
  • Style: Standing
  • Rotation Rate(RPM): 2800
  • Jenis Listrik: Listrik
  • Power: 400W ​
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz ​
  • Beurat Net: 900g
  • Kapasitas: 240ml
  • Foam capacity: 115ml ​
  • Cable Length: 1m ​
  • Diménsi Produk: 9.8 x 9.8 x 21.3 cm


  • The At-Home Cafe - DEVISB Electric Milk Frother spoils your loved ones with the taste of luscious cappuccinos and lattes at home every day.
  • Always the right foam - with four delicious foaming and heating options the one - whisk frother creates many different specialties.
  • Durable and Stylish Design: High-quality stainless steel and non-stick coating interior for hygienic cleaning and a long lifespan; angled spout to minimize spillages.


  • Milk can froth and heat up to 60±5℃ (131℉~149℉) when heating milk, which is the optimal temperature for drinking. Over-heating will destroy milk nutrients.
  • This milk frother is designed to froth dairy milk. The protein and fat content are what allows your milk to froth. Non-dairy milk is plant-based the type produced will be less consistent and may vary. If you insist on non-dairy milk, I'd recommend Barista-style non-dairy milk which should help with the milk froth for plant milk. Froth result cannot be guaranteed for any other non-barista-style plant milk.
  • The key factor in achieving a good froth is using fresh and cold milk. Milk should be cold and fresh. Use milk that has been taken directly from the refrigerator and start frothing immediately. The colder the milk, the better. We suggest the milk temperature is around 4~6℃(39.2℉~42.8℉).
  • Entong ngantep susu dina konter saatos dianggo sabab ieu tiasa mangaruhan kasegaran susu. Salawasna nempatkeun susu deui kana kulkas upami parantos nganggo.
  • Never fill milk over the MAX Level. Make sure to use the appropriate whisk. Check the corresponding indicator level. MAX Fill Line(115ml) before frothing milk. MAX Fill Line(240ml) before heating milk.
  • Clean the jug immediately after each use. Flush and clean the walls using warm soapy water, then dry with a dry soft cloth. 

Pakét Kalebet:

  • 1 x Milk Frother ​
  • 1 x Frothing whisk
  • ​1 x Stirring whisk ​
  • 1 Manual x pamaké

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Works great! Delivery in 4 days!




Duge is pre-war, delivery in 4 days.


I ordered March 8, I already received March 11, courier to the door. One minus that so far I could not pick up vegetable milk which is knocked down in the foam so that the functionality is still figured out. Alpro remains liquid, I will try a Professional Series


хорошая крепкая пена.

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